Diversity promotion activity
Based on the idea that further performance of each individual employee's diverse personalities will create new values, improve productivity, and enhance competitiveness, which leads to sustainable growth, we established MAE's diversity promotion policy in November 2014, considering the promotion of "Diversity" as management strategy.
Each individual employee recognizes his/her individuality and different values, and creates ideas and passion for cars into shape from the viewpoint of our customer under the environment where everyone can encourage the active exchange of ideas and opinions, and share information.
MAE will strive to create our corporate culture that allows employees to realize considerable growth by livelily tackling such work and bringing them together to work and motivate each other.
"Diversity" has various elements such as gender, disability, age, nationality values, or life style, etc.
MAE is making efforts to attain both "Employees' comfortable working environment/ /Worthwhile workplace environment" and "Increase of corporate value" by dealing with "Gender Equality Promotion", "Corporate globalization", "Active involvement of disabilities", and "Active involvement of senior employees" as priority measures.

Diversity Promotion Policy

We recognize all of our employee's personalities and attributes that make the most our non-traditional
ways in thinking, this enhances our corporate value within and helps create new and lasting customer values.